Our Story

Committed to feeding the biggest little city

The Reno Burrito Project is a non-religious and non-political cause. The only message we spread is love and happiness.

The Reno Burrito Project was born from the question “how can so many people go hungry among so much material wealth?” Reno Burrito Project Founder Blaize Abuntori tried his first burrito in the spring of 2020. On top of being delicious, he noticed how portable and warm they stayed over time. That first burrito stuck with him and helped him answer a follow-up question: “what can I do about this problem?”

Within weeks, a few burritos were purchased and handed out. Some friends with kitchen experience were recruited, and our burrito recipe was born. Blaize opened his own home for cooking and rolling burritos as more people started showing up to help out. As a network of volunteers began to lead fundraising, social media, and coordinating efforts, Reno Burrito Project started to build more legitimacy and infrastructure.

In the spring of 2022, The Burrito Project was officially registered as a non-profit organization!