Want to volunteer with Reno Burrito Project? You can help with any and all of the tasks of cooking bulk ingredients, rolling burritos, and distributing downtown. Here’s some things you should know before you go! 

Burrito rolling is always done together at a central location near downtown Reno, and distribution is downtown. Cooking specific ingredients in large quantities (beef, rice, beans) can be done from home and cooked ingredients should be delivered Sunday by noon. Contact us directly if you’re interested in cooking.

Before coming to volunteer

Open your heart, mind, and have fun! We’re service oriented and ask that our volunteers maintain good attitudes, even if we encounter some bad ones along the way. Share the love and the nourishment!

Sick? Stay home – Even if you have mild symptoms, or have recently come in contact with someone who’s tested positive for COVID-19, stay home. Please be respectful of all our volunteers and the people we serve. Let’s take care of each other by taking care of ourselves first.


Burrito Rolling/Food Prep

On Sundays we receive and warm ingredients, heat tortillas, prepare foil sheets, wash dishes, and our main attraction – roll burritos. 

Start in the kitchen – 1 or 2 point people will be in the kitchen to orient you and get you assigned to a task. Our experienced volunteers can support you throughout the process, including helping you roll the perfect burrito!

Wash your hands and wear a mask – We ask all volunteers to stay masked while volunteering, and to use general hygienic practices.

Wear food service gloves – to roll burritos, and to distribute if that’s your preference. Gloves will be provided whenever possible.


Pay attention to our intro – Before we head out, someone will give a brief introduction about what we do & how we do it. Pay attention to the people named as these will be points of contact in case you have questions or concerns.

Use the buddy system – Especially if you are new and didn’t come with anyone else. RBP is full of friendly potential buddies to answer questions or concerns along the way.

Provide choices – When handing out food and supplies, ask people if they would like a burrito or water. Direct them to any other resources we have: blankets, books, hygiene kits, etc. are often also available and you never know what someone might need until you ask.

Spend some time – Ask people how their day is and socialize with them. We are also there to be an ear to listen. The burritos are a gateway to human connection, and for many folks, that’s as important as the supplies.

Finally, be aware that opinions expressed by volunteers are not necessarily reflective of the Reno Burrito Project (RBP). Furthermore, any assistance provided beyond RBP-organized material handouts and/or conversation are the responsibility of the individual citizen(s). In the event you feel compelled to provide assistance beyond that, RBP cannot be held responsible or liable for these transactions or their outcomes.

As a final note, someone from our social media team will often be around taking photos, recording video, and creating content. Additionally, other volunteers may also choose to do the same for their own personal pages. By coming to volunteer you have consented to having your image photographed and/or recorded, and posted to social media. If that is something you don’t consent to, you must notify us verbally AND in writing (email or DM) so that we may avoid using any content with your image.