***The Reno Burrito Project is a non-religious and non-political cause. The only message we spread is love and happiness.***

The Reno Burrito Project was born from the question “how can so many people go hungry among so much material wealth?” Blaize tried his first burrito in the spring of 2020, and on top of being delicious, he noticed how portable and warm they stayed over time. That first burrito stuck with him and helped him answer a follow-up question: “what can I do about this problem?”

Within weeks, a few burritos were purchased and handed out. Some friends with kitchen experience were recruited, and our burrito recipe was born. Blaize opened his own home for cooking and rolling burritos as more people started showing up to help out. A few folks even volunteered to lead fundraising, social media, and coordinating efforts, and a leadership team was formed in January 2021 to ensure the project’s long term success.

In spring of 2022, The Burrito Project was officially registered as a non-profit organization!



The Reno Burrito Project was created with the intention to feed and connect with the houseless population of Reno. We understand that beyond food, people need genuine human connection to nourish them, and that both of these may be difficult for folks to get on a regular basis. In addition to dedicating every weekend to cooking, rolling, and handing out 400-500 burritos and essential supplies, we ask our volunteers to take the time to have sincere interactions with folks when we are out distributing. Taking the time to talk to folks can truly uplift them, make them feel seen, and also helps us to find out other potential needs that can be filled. This has enabled many of our volunteers to start their own projects, such as creating hygiene kits, cloth masks, menstrual supplies, clothing drives, and even a laundry service.



The Reno Burrito Project’s leadership team knows that with dedication and community, ordinary people are capable of extraordinary results. In addition to providing food and supplies to Reno’s houseless population, we recognize that we also have an important role in empowering others to uplift the community. We do this by modeling our project in specific ways, such as having different ways and levels of commitment for folks to support RBP’s efforts. We also offer mentorship and, after demonstrated commitment and specific agreements, may offer monetary support to other community projects as they embark on their mutual aid efforts. Please contact us if you would like to know more about partnering with RBP renoburritoproject@gmail.com


 Reno Burrito Project is currently constructing its long term vision for how to become an enduring part of the Reno community’s mutual aid efforts. Toward that end, we are currently seeking to gain 501(c)(3) status to expand our capacity to form partnerships with local businesses and entrepreneurs. We are also currently seeking the support of an accountant and an attorney who would be willing to provide a few pro-bono consultations and/or service to help us keep RBP’s project running legitimately. If you are interested in supporting RBP in these ways, or know someone who might be, please email us: renoburritoproject@gmail.com

RBP is successful in large part to its large network of young adults who volunteer and share our social media content week in and week out. In addition to creating their own projects, RBP seeks to empower its young volunteers as they develop in their professional paths. The leadership team is looking into ways to support them with tools to document their volunteer experience such as letters of recommendation, certifiable levels of volunteer commitment, etc., so that they may use these experiences to help them on their professional development and reward our more committed and long term volunteers.